information on the label and storage
of Cognac and Armagnac


Three stars = more than 2 years
VSOP ( Very Superior Old Pale ) = more than 5 years
XO = more than 6 years


VS (Very Special) or 3 stars = more than 2 years
VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) = More than 4 years
Napoléon, XO (Extra Old), Hors d’âge = more than 6 years

Both cognacs and armagnacs are named according to their age: a 25-year-old armagnac is an armagnac where the youngest brandy used in the blending has been aged in wood for at least 25 years, or sometimes longer.


Once bottled, cognacs and armagnacs do not age further. The bottles must be stored upright, so that the spirit does not touch the cork. Extreme conditions are to be avoided for storage, but conditions do not have to be as temperate as they do for wines.

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