Imperial Vintage Cognac Selection

An exclusive collection of exceptionally great Cognac from 1950 to 1990.

Each bottle contains Cognac taken exclusively from one vintage in the barrels, where the brandy gradually matures. Even the annual loss of the “Angles’ share” is replaced by spirit from the same year, thus guaranteeing a 100% vintage Cognac from each year.

A vintage “1950” Cognac will only, therefore, contain brandies distilled from wines of the 1950 harvest.

Albert de Montaubert et Fils offer you quality Cognacs and Armagnacs. Discover our selection of Cognac XO, Armagnac XO, 15-year-old Armagnac, 25-year-old Armagnac, 25-year-old Cognac, 50-year-old Cognac, Vintage Cognac
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